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Want to improve your customers' travel experience?
Guarantee them a point of contact during their stay?
Keep them loyal with an offer that sets you apart?

Don’t look any further, it’s in the bag!

Unique experiences for your clients

At TravelAssist, we understand that listening is a vital to client satisfaction, so our interactive personal assistance is designed to enable you to meet your clients’ expectations during their trips and ensure they have a unique experience.

A service that makes your agency stand out

  • A unique, accessible and complementary service via your clients’ preferred instant messenger service
  • Higher service levels during the trip (24/7 assistance)
  • Better understanding of your clients

Plus, you get to choose how it is provided: TravelAssist is available as a white-label product and a direct service.

Travel Story with Travel Assist

I specialise in designing personalised trips for independent travellers, and Travel Assist provides a truly complementary service that allows me to hand over the task of looking after my clients. I help my clients prepare their trips and Travel Assist provides real on-the-ground support, which means that my clients can relax and makes their trips a total success.

Pauline M.

Director of an online travel agency


Assistance rate for
1 traveller

From 1 to 5 days

€29.90* excl tax

From 5 to 14 days

€39.90* excl tax

*Excluding options and setup fees