Our team

Tristan – CEO

The creator of TravelAssist.io. The original idea is him. The three years of work between 2016 and 2019 to launch his project is him. The expert in customer relations is still him! TravelAssist.io is the realization of his dream: to offer travelers a support service that combines the relational intelligence of the human being with the speed and efficiency of technology. Trained management controller, father of 6 children, feet well on the ground and head in the stars, able to see far, expert in customer relations and confirmed manager, he knew at the right time to share his projects and go to get the human resources necessary to make his dream come true. It proves that there is no typical path to becoming a “startup”: the key is to be true to your projects – and to be a hard worker.

A new York lover and travel enthusiast, constantly on the move, he combines with TravelAssist.io his passion and his professional aspiration. As a good composer, he tries to write a score without a false note. As a good conductor, he knows how to surround himself and share his vision. That of a world without limits where every trip becomes, thanks to its connected personal assistants, a unique adventure. An unforgettable experience

Its mission: to embark his team in his dream, and with each of his members, to make TravelAssist.io the reference in terms of travel accompaniment.

Valérie – Customer Success

The group’s travel specialist. She has it in her blood: she packed her first suitcase and told her parents that she was going around the world at the age of 4! She went around the world, later, several times and in every way, in “all inclusive” mode as in “roots” mode. Few countries have escaped his thirst for discovery. Travel, it associates it with strong values of tolerance, respect, discovery, culture, traditions. Her passion has never wavered to the point where she has made it her profession.

Passionate, curious, committed, Valérie is an entrepreneur at heart. She created agencies, developed projects and stacked success stories. When she embarks on projects, she believes strongly in them. That’s why she joined TravelAssist.io. For her, creating or accompanying a journey is also about living it

Its mission: to participate in the continuous improvement of the TravelAssist.io’s support by putting its travel expertise at the service of employees and personal travel assistants.

Benjamin – CTO

“Ben” joined TravelAssist.io to put his technical skills at the service of a complex and exciting technological project involving different aspects of IT. Also attracted by the authenticity of the human side of this project, it is quite naturally that he wanted to join the adventure. His position as a software engineer allows him to build an efficient, fast and ergonomic solution to accompany travelers, while enriching his knowledge and know-how every day in contact with a team with varied profiles, which he particularly appreciates.

Its mission: to enable the smooth running of the TravelAssist.io service through his technological expertise and vision.

Alexandre – IT

The developer of the tape. The Internet is his second home and it is his values that guide his computer practice, with a huge preference for open source tools, ethical computing and net neutrality. Perfectionist, great walker, globetrotter, he is currently completing his studies in Japan, the last destination of this great traveler.

He joined the adventure TravelAssist.io to put himself, with his skills, at the service of a complete project. TravelAssist.io’s technological needs, which are very varied, allow him to enrich his knowledge by exploring different exciting fields of computing. He appreciates the composition of the TravelAssist.io team, made up of various profiles and which allows everyone to highlight their know-how while enriching themselves with the eyes of others.

Its mission: to create and develop technologies that enable TravelAssist.io to fulfill its mission and to accompany its travellers as efficiently as possible.

Alain – Operational development Officer

The group’s operation. An expert for nearly 30 years in project management and team coaching, he has always been passionate about his home continent, Africa. He returned in 2003 with a triple ambition: to help create jobs in the trades around Customer Relations, to develop solutions around mobile banking to facilitate financial inclusion, and to work in the field of improving the supply of electricity and water in rural areas.

Passionate sportsman, fan of jazz and rap, he is also a father of 6 children! What he loves above all, his engine, is to facilitate the meeting and authentic exchanges. A long-time friend of Tristan, he was seduced by the TravelAssist.io project and it was only natural that he wanted to accompany him on this new adventure, which meets his aspirations.

Its mission: To organize, to lead the operational component and to participate in the industrialization of the service TravelAssist.io in connection with contact centres, to contribute to the increase in competence of the assistants.

Jean – CFO 

An expert in innovative business creation, Jean-Michel has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and team adventures. From an early age, he realized that being at the genesis and realization of new projects gave meaning to his actions. After initial intra- and entrepreneurial experiences, he naturally turned to achieving a doctorate in entrepreneurship on business creation. His thirst for analysis and understanding has led him to conduct research on innovation and the growth of start-ups. Participating or accompanying start-ups for many years.

Alongside Tristan since the first days, he has set up his bags to participate in this human adventure around the world. He is in charge of the company’s financial affairs.

Laurent – CSO

The salesman and marketer of the TravelAssist.io team. Expert for nearly 25 years in business development and customer relations, he puts quality at the heart of his convictions and operational pragmatism at the center of his objectives. With a strong expertise in outsourced customer relations, training and management of production units in various sectors, he joins the adventure in 2020 to support and manage the commercial launch.

Passionate musician and composer, he is also in the kitchen as often as possible.

Its mission: to propel the TravelAssist rocket into orbit and make sure it is seen, known and recognized.