Our values

The man at the heart of the relationship

At TravelAssist, we are passionate about new technologies. We believe that they can be put at the service of the person, and of the human relationship. That’s why we want our users to be in touch with a real advisor, who will use technology to enrich a personal relationship with the person they’re talking to. That’s why the tone used by our travel assistants during written conversations is friendly and light on form, and professional on the merits. This is also why we offer a strict RGPD policy, where the data of our customers and users only serves to improve the response that we, internally, provide to them. At no time will they be disclosed or monetized, and the team members who have access to them undertake to use them only as part of their mission.

Respect for our customers and users

Customer satisfaction and users of the services offered by TravelAssist.io is the goal of each team member. This involves listening carefully to the needs of the team’s interlocutors, deploying the necessary means to find the right answer to their requests and proposing one or more coherent solutions. Because we are professionals, we guarantee the most absolute discretion over the content of our exchanges with our users. We guarantee a respectful attitude of our advisors, whom we train to have the right tone and distance necessary to carry out their missions. We guarantee immediate responsiveness in processing our users’ requests and we guarantee that we have done everything possible to provide the best possible response.

Responsibility and social impact

TravelAssist.io is a responsible company, concerned with guaranteeing each of its employees a working environment that respects its uniqueness. Eager to have a positive impact on the world around it, TravelAssist.io is committed to reinvesting part of its net profit in development projects where it deploys its contact centers, either by participating directly in project financing or by supporting associations that work locally. It is also committed to promoting responsible tourism to its network, respectful of cultures and the environment. Finally, it undertakes to remain within a legal framework by not offering or inciting any of its clients to participate in activities considered illegal by the legislation of the host country as well as that of the country of the head office (France).


Freedom is at the heart of the values of the founders of TravelAssist.io. Inner freedom, freedom of movement, opinion, way of life. This freedom, a pillar of the internal functioning of the company, is at the heart of its relationship with its customers and users. The service is designed to give travellers greater freedom while on the go: the freedom to choose, to modify a program, to follow another path. Freedom to also use TravelAssist.io services: this is why they are issued on a flat-rate basis and not in the form of a subscription. Customers are free to engage at their own pace. Finally, freedom to be offered the best: the suggestions offered by TravelAssist.io assistants are issued according to the user. They are not and will never be the subject of a trade agreement to be put forward