During your trip, Enjoy the best, Leave us the rest!

Personal Travel Assistant
Connected 24/7
Rediscover pleasure and safety!

Cultural news during your stay?
Unprecedented activity in Kuala Lumpur?
A surprising restaurant in Dubai?

Travel agencies or business travel managers, websites, paper guides… Before you leave, it’s
easy to prepare for your trip.

But during your stay, who accompanies you?

TravelAssist.io offers a new solution: a connected service that combines travel concierge,
personalized support and experience sharing services, offered to travel professionals and

TravelAssist.io offers its users the opportunity to contact, via their instant messaging service,
a personal assistant accessible 24/7.
For the duration of their trip, it will manage the logistical contingencies, requests for
suggestions for leisure, good plans or activities, and allow each traveler to get rid of the
worries of everyday life to take full advantage of the exceptional.

A connected personal travel assistant

Connection with a consultant 24/7
(for the duration of the trip)

Available in French and English, soon in Italian, Spanish and German

Accessible from your favorite messaging system

How we can help you

Even if you are well prepared, a trip can be full of surprises, and you have the right to go out of the box,
to modify your program according to your desires and circumstances.
Above all, we believe that the best way to make a successful stay is to turn the unexpected
into an opportunity

That’s why TravelAssist.io offers 2 high value-added services!

Concierge, activity suggestions, dialogue at the user’s pace, assistance,
feedback and sharing of emotions.

Our service, also issued in white label, is aimed at:

– travel professionals who wish to maintain or strengthen the link with their customers
– businesses for their business trips

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