Enjoy the best of your vacations, we take care of everything else !

Personal Travel Assistant
Connected H24, 7/7

Want to travel the world ?
Spend a long week-end in London, Porto or Istanbul ?

Want to discover new distant territories, or recharge your batteries in the shade of a palm tree ?

Travel agencies, websites, paper guides….easy ways to prepare your trip !

But, who to accompany you during your stay ?

A new personal travel assistant

Connected 24/7

Available from your favorite chat system
(WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram,…)

When travelling


Make the right choices

Ensure fulfilling, authentic experiences in line with your wishes

Save time

Eliminate tiresome aspects of travelling so you can concentrate fully on your stay


Rest assured, you’ll know who to turn to in case of mishaps

Companies & events


Outsource travel assistance
Outsource VIP reception at events


Get the best out of business trips

Personal assistance

Find quick solutions in case of unforeseen circumstances

Tourism Partners

Enhance your offering

Offer wider support (direct or white labelling)
Have a 24/7 point of contact

Create connections

Enter the private sphere and get in touch with people’s emotions. Build loyalty by getting to know your clients


Stand out from the competition by offering a unique service

How does it work ?


Once you have subscribed to our service for the price of a classic paper tourist guide, we open a conversation with you via your favorite chat application.


Your assistant will contact you only by « chat » and will be dedicated to accompany you at the right time with his team.


He will be supported by our woldwide connected intelligent information system, that will help him to react and search for informations according to You and your budget.

« I have a simple dream. To offer the best support service to all travelers in any situation. »

I have a simple dream. To offer the best support service to all travelers in any situation. I have a simple dream. Combinig the simplicity that technology offers, with human and relational intelligence, to provide a travelers’ support service in any situation. Being a travel guide, who will always be with you in your pocket, while keeping a low profile.

A service that you can count on and learns to know You, traveling by your side to simplify your daily life, so you can truly enjoy !

You will be in contact 24/7 with a real person, who can take care of the logistics, suggest you activities, places to discover, the best shopping places or local meetings.

Your assistant can also book any mean of transportation, notify you of a delay, find alternative solutions…the language barrier will no longer be a concern !

Thanks to Stéphan, Laurent, Valérie, Benjamin, Arnaud and Yann, my dream is becoming reality. Soon, others will join our team to accompany you and make you live beautiful moments.

Tristan Daube

CEO/Founder de Travel assist.io

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