Need a taxi in Kuala Lumpur? Want to try an exciting restaurant in Dubai?
A babysitter in Bali?

Don’t look any further, it’s in the bag!

Unforgettable holidays

Because a trip abroad is not always a long calm river, because it is always useful to have someone to count on (management of the unforeseen, suggestions of activities, tips or local meetings), we have come up with a tailor-made offer of services to accompany you on your entire journey.

Unique assistance

  • Immerse yourself in an experience that is in complete harmony with what you love (authentic, surprising etc.)
  • Unburden yourself from tedious tasks and focus fully on your vacation
  • Sit back and relax knowing who you can turn to if the unexpected arises.

Travel Story with Travel Assist

TravelAssist’s service is a vital tool for ensuring your trip goes smoothly. Tristan and his team follow your journey step by step as it unfolds - proactively sending you relevant information when you get to your destination. But that’s not all!
They also provide quick and relevant answers to your questions: whatever you need and whatever your budget. Their daily assistance means you can just chill out and enjoy your trip.
We took full advantage of the service during our trip in Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore in 2019!
We’ll definitely be using TravelAssist on our next trip to Sri Lanka!”

Alain J.


Assistance rates for
1 traveller

From 1 to 5 days

€19.90* incl tax

*Excluding options and setup fees

Assistance rates for
1 traveller

From 1 to 14 days

€29.90* incl tax

*Excluding options and setup fees